Saturday, July 06, 2013

Nerd Lacquer: I Think You Call Me... Sexy

About a week ago, I received the most exciting package of nail mail ever!!  I thought I had long ago accepted the fact that I would never own any Nerd Lacquers, but thanks to a few people in a Facebook group, I now have FIVE Nerds, and three more on the way that I managed to snatch up from the restock last week!! 
You go, Matt. 
Anyways, the main reason I've been so awful about posting the past week or two is that I've been spending all my time watching Doctor Who.  I've become completely obsessed, and have spent hours pouring over every episode of new Who (haven't got to the classics yet) but with the arrival of my Nerd Lacquers, I figured it was time to share!  Who's ready to get their Whovian on with me?  :D 

The first polish I put on was inspired by none other than the old girl herself, the TARDIS.

This is *EDIT: three coats. Oops!* of I Think You Call Me... Sexy.  It's a gorgeous deep blue jelly/shimmer base; there's tons of silver and blue glitters packed in there, I'm not sure how it all fits!  Oh, must be bigger on the inside. 

Totally stole this gif set from Mishka.  Source

These first few photos are in my lightbox, since Sexy is so crazy reflective in all her glittery glory, and you miss all the detail without the lightbox.  I only had to use one thick coat of Seche Vite for a smooth finish, which was a pleasant surprise!  

And now, under Mishka's influence, matted Sexy!  Topped with one coat of Essie Matte About You for a glorious velvety smooth TARDIS.  No lightbox here. 

How gorgeous is this polish??  Definitely a wonderful choice for my first Nerd Lacquer!  I've already worn a few of the others, so expect to see those over the next week or two, (if I can tear myself away from Who episodes for long enough to write another post, that is.) 

Your turn!  Do you have any Nerd Lacquer polishes?  Are you lusting after any?  And most importantly, raise your hands all my fellow Whovians!  :D




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