Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sunset Gradient

For the next little while my life is going to be a bit strange.  I'm officially moving out of my apartment today, and flying to a different city where I'll be staying for a summer program for five weeks.  I'm just renting a room in a house for that time and have no idea what my setup will be like, (I had to get rid of my amazing nail-photo lamp in the move,) but hopefully I'll be able to get in some good daylight shots of manis.  It also means that I've unfortunately had to pare down my collection of about 400 bottles here to less than 200, because I've only got two suitcases to pack my entire life into, which is really sad!  After that summer program I'll finally get to go to London to visit my family in their new home, which I'm super excited for!! :)

Anywho, onto the nails!  

This is a simple double-accent mani that I did while playing around with the QUO by Orly Summer 2014 polishes, which you can see individual swatches of here.  My middle and ring fingers are a base of Electrified, and a gradient sponged on with that and Heatwave.  The rest of my nails are three thin coats each of Simmered.  All nails are topped with LaCC 2013 top coat. 

Although I wasn't a huge fan of Electrified and Heatwave alone on my skin tone, I'm really loving them all combined in this super bright look!  What do you think?  Let me know in the comments!  :) 



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