Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Skittlette from the Vault

Hello!  It feels slightly strange to be writing a post again, since I haven't blogged since January.  I didn't stop for any other reason than that I found it wasn't really compatible with my work schedule.  Being a professional ballet dancer in a company that does lots of performing has been amazing, but unfortunately I've got to wear nude polish when I'm onstage, which is quite frequently.  I'm not sure if I'll get back into blogging regularly, but I've got quite a few photos piled up in folders that never got posted, so I'd at least like to get those shared.  Beyond that, I have still been doing my nails frequently, so I may pop up from time to time with new stuff.  

There have been some other major changes with me, the main thing being that I'm now living in England as an Irish citizen.  Once I finished the season with the ballet company in Toronto, I moved to London and have been here with my family since May.  I will be starting with a ballet company north of London in just over a week now, which I'm very excited for!  

Anyways, I know you're all just here for the nails (if any of you are still left after my unplanned hiatus!) so here's something I hauled from the vaults.  This was from a week-long stint at the end of January where I went oval before filing them down to nubs again. 

The polishes used here are LaCC 1973 (purple), LaCC 2005 (white), LaCC 2002 (black), and A England She Walks In Beauty.  The houndstooth pattern is from BM-322.  

So I *guess* if I get back to posting enough, I'll be one of the group of English nail bloggers now?  Anyway, I know my performance schedule this coming year will be absolutely crazy, as we're touring all year and doing about 130 performances all over the UK.  But I'll work on clearing out the vaults for now, and beyond that maybe find time for the occasional post once in a while.
Thanks to all of you who've stuck around! :)


  1. So cool to hear about your work :) Hope you like it in London.

  2. I totally understand when life stuff overtakes our time and leaves very little for blogging, but it's great to see a post from you again!

  3. Yay, so good to see your beautiful nails again! I'm so happy for you that you can perform so much, as it is your greatest passion. Maybe one day you'll perform in The Netherlands, I'd definitely visit!


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