Thursday, July 10, 2014

Shimmer Polish: Tiffany, Maria, Sophie, Valerie, & Vanessa

Good morning! I know I've been a terrible blogger and haven't posted in over a week, but the move went pretty smoothly and I've had a great first week (almost two weeks now) here!  

Since I don't have my own polishing set-up here it's a bit of a roundabout process to get things on the blog, so posting may be a bit less frequent over the next little while, but I'll try my best.  We're starting off today with some Shimmer Polish swatches!  
The formula on all Shimmer Polishes is quite similar, so I'll just mention it it here.  They're all super complex glitter mixes with so much glitter packed into each bottle.  Formulas are a little on the thicker side, which makes for flawless, effortless glitter distribution.  All photos in direct light.  

Tiffany, 1 coat over A England Fonteyn, no top coat. 

Maria, 1 coat over OPI Can't Find My Czechbook, no top coat. 

Sophie, 1 coat over OPI Vant to Bite My Neck?, no top coat. 

Valerie, 1 coat over Essie Little Brown Dress, no top coat. 

Vanessa, over OPI I Have a Herring Problem; first photo shows 1 coat layered, second photo shows 2 coats layered.

Shimmer Polishes are available through Etsy and by email through the Shimmer Polish blog, and you can like the Shimmer Facebook page for updates.  

I think my favourites here are Tiffany and Vanessa, but I'm also quite liking Valerie.  Which ones are your favourites?  Let me know in the comments!  

Disclaimer: The products in this post were provided to me for review and my honest opinion. 


  1. I am liking Maria, especially the way you've paired it up with another contrasting blue! Beautiful swatches as usual Emma!

  2. Lovely swatches!!! They are all so very pretty. Each has its own beauty.



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