Monday, March 11, 2013

Guest Post: The DIY Lady

Happy Monday!  Today I'm spending the day in Geneva, should be great!  I don't have a Castle Mani Monday post today, but I've got a guest post from a fabulous blogger and a fellow Castle lover.  It's Lizzy, though you may know her better as The DIY Lady!

Hello Lovely People over here on Globe & Nail. 
My name is Lizzy, also known as The DIY Lady, and I'm honored to be a guest poster on Emma's blog today. 
When she contacted me and told me she'd like to know if I can come up with a post for her blog, I pretty much guffawed and said HECK YEAH LADY!!!! My Nails, On Your Blog?? SIGN ME UP!!! Lol... 
I mean, obviously, you guys here already know Emma has AMAZING nails and does amazing nail arts Especially her Castle Monday Nail arts ;-) 
Yes, I got completely hooked on Globe & Nail when I realized she was also a Castle lover like myself. Ohhhh Weee, Mixing Nails and a Fave show of mine? Yes yes yes!!

Anyhooo.. Today, I will be showing you a mani that was inspired by the polishes I used. 
I chose two Sinful colors polishes from their sugar rush Collection and stamped on them with Zoya - Purity with an image from Mash48. 

The two Sinful Colors polishes I used are Sweet Tooth and Sugar Spice. 
Pretty and bright polishes like these always make me think of Gradient nails, so I chose to do something close to gradients by using a brush to dab  on colors on top of each other. 

Yes, Dabbing on colors with my nail art brush is my lazy way of creating gradients/blending colors into each other. :-P

I Hope you guys like my final result as much as I did. The bright pastel - spring colors totally gave me a happy feel, and the polka dot stamped in different sizes appeared like the perfect stamp to pair it with. 

Above are all the goodies I used in creating this mani. 
Left to right: My Stamper, Zoya Purity, Sinful Colors, Sugar Rush, Sweet Tooth and my Holy Grail Topcoat Seche Vite. 
Scraper, Mash48, Clean up brush and the nail art brush I used to dab my colors on each other. 

And That's it for now sugars... 
Once again Emma, Thank you for having me on your blog, It is my pleasure creating this mani for this purpose. :-)
Have a wonderful, safe trip and I wish you success in the purpose of your tip. Have fun darling and KNOCK them out!!!

Till later, God Bless.

Isn't she awesome?!  I always love reading Lizzy's posts, she has such an entertaining writing style!  If you don't follow her already, be sure to check out The DIY Lady!  Thank you so much for the guest post Lizzy!


  1. So pretty and perfect for spring! You've got a new follower. :)

    1. Awww Thanks Jen.
      I am so glad you see the "Spring" in this mani. Mission accomplished. :-)

  2. Epicness :) I didn't realize I didn't follow this blog yet... Now I do

    1. Thanks Morgana. And Yes G&N is awesome. Glad you came to check out this post. :-)

  3. Thanks once again for having me on your Blog Emma. As I said.. Knock Them out over there.


  4. Cute mani! I like it and it is so cheery!



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